NEVER Put These 12 Foods In The Fridge, Especially the #7

12 foods never to be refrigerated

You cannot probably imagine a life without a refrigerator. Unfortunately, not all food stays fresh in the fridge. Are there any means of preservation for milk or yogurt without losing its taste within a day?
There are dangers attached to storing certain foods in the refrigerator, loss of nutrients occur in cold temperatures. Take your time to read the article to know me.
There are 12 foods to never be refrigerated listed below, no doubt number 9 will be found in your fridge.

1. Tomatoes

Loss of texture and flavor will always occur under cold temperature in ripening process of tomatoes, because of the cold air in the fridge. I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen to your tomatoes right? Tomatoes are best kept in fruit bowl, the taste is kept intact and you will also add some color and volume to your fruit bowl !

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